Graciousness, Gratefulness and Generosity through vegetarian food
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Chef's Special

Dim Sum Chef's Special dishes available 11-3 p.m. (dine in only)

$8.00 Sweet & Sour Pork

$8.00 Bean Curd Rolls in Black Bean Sauce

$8.00 Veggie Rice Roll with Veggie XO Sauce

$8.00 Stir-Fried Rice Roll with Soya Sauce

$8.00 Steamed Sticky Rice with Chicken

$8.00 Chow Mein with Soya Sauce

$8.00 Stir-Fried Singapore Style Rice Noodle

$8.00 Stir-Fried Rice Noodle with Soya Sauce

$8.00 Stir-Fried Green Beans with Olive

$8.00 Mixed Vegetables with Mushroom Sauce

$8.00 Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables with Spicy Sauce

$8.00 Mushroom & Bean Curd in Mushroom Sauce

$8.00 Braised Tofu in Mushroom Sauce

$8.00 Deep-Fried Tofu with Spicy Sauce & Salt

$8.00 Deep-Fried Eggplant with Spicy Sauce & Salt

$8.00 Deep-Fried Veggie Fish with Spicy Sauce & Salt

$8.00 Veggie Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce

$8.00 Deep-Fried Wontons with Sweet & Sour Sauce

$7.00 Veggie Wonton with Soup

$8.00 Veggie Seafood Congee

$8.00 Mixed Mushroom Congee

$8.00 Corn Congee

$8.00 Chinese Donut in Rice Roll

$8.00 Crispy Coconut Milk (sweet)

$8.00 Red Bean Pastry Cake (sweet)

$8.00 Crispy Taro Roll

$8.00 Shitake Mushroom in Soy Wrap

$8.00 Sweet and Sour Chicken

Dim Sum

Dim Sum lunch items available 11-3 p.m. (dine in only) $4.50 each after 3 p.m.

$4.50 Pan Fried Veggie Gyoza

$4.50 Steamed Bean Curd Roll

$5.00 Steamed Veggie Shrimp Dumpling

$4.50 Steamed Veggie Pork Shui Mai

$4.50 Steamed Veggie Dumpling

$4.50 Steamed Spinach Dumpling

$5.00 Steamed Veggie BBQ Pork Bun

$5.00 Steamed Veggie Chicken with Ginger Bun

$4.50 Steamed Plain Bun

$4.50 Pan Fried Daikon Cake

$4.50 Pan Fried Bean Curd Roll

$4.50 Deep Fried Veggie Spring Roll

$4.50 Deep Fried Plain Bun

$4.50 Mixed Veggie Meat Puff

$4.50 Deep Fried Sesame Ball (sweet)

$4.50 Steamed Lotus Bun (sweet)

$4.50 Steamed Red Bean Bun (sweet)

$4.50 Crystal Bun with red bean paste (sweet)

$4.50 Steamed Black Sesame Bun (sweet)

$4.50 Pan Cake