Graciousness, Gratefulness and Generosity through vegetarian food
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$6.95 Edamame

Boiled and salted soy beans.

$7.95 Garden Salad

A variety of veggies with house dressing.

$9.95 California Salad

Avocado, bell pepper, mushroom, romaine lettuce with homemade dressing.

$13.95 3G Deluxe Salad

Steamed veggies, roast cashews and smoked tofu, tossed with spinach and our house dressing.


sm $6.99 / reg $9.95 / lg $12.95 Sweet Corn and Tofu Soup

Prepared daily with fresh vegetable stock.

sm $6.99 / reg $9.95 / lg $14.95 Tomato with Assorted Fungi

sm $6.99 / reg $9.95 / lg $14.95 Spinach Soup

$12.99 Double Boiled Veggie Shark Fin Soup in a Coconut (pre-order)

lg $18.95 Soup Delight

sm $6.99 / reg $9.95 / lg $14.95 Hot and Sour Soup

sm $6.99 / reg $9.95 / lg $14.95 Thai Tom Yum Soup

sm $6.99 / reg $9.95 / lg $14.95 Veggie Shark Fin in PumpkinSoup

sm $6.99 / reg $9.95 / lg $14.95 Pumpkin Soup

sm $6.99 / reg $9.95 / lg $14.95 Veggie Wonton Soup


$11.95 Deep Fried Tofu with Peppery Salt

$13.95 Steamed Tofu with Soya Seafood

$13.95 Ganoderma Mushroom and Tofu in Black Bean Sauce

$12.95 Tofu and Eggplant in Satay Sauce

$13.95 Braised Tofu in Mushroom Sauce

$12.95 Chili Tofu with Sesame Sauce

$13.95 Tofu and Vegetables in Mushroom Sauce

Tempura, Snacks

$6.99 Assorted Vegetable Tempura

$6.99 Japanese Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Tempura

$5.25 Deep-Fried Veggie Spring Rolls

$11.99 Soy Chicken Drumstick with Peppers Salt

Six pieces

$9.99 Delicious Pan-Fried, Homemade Gyoza

Eight pieces

$6.99 Steamed/Deep-Fried Mini Buns

Six pieces

$9.99 Soy Fish with Peppery Salt

$9.99 Crispy Soy Baby Pig

$9.99 Crispy Taro Roll

$8.99 Crispy Coconut Milk (sweet)

$7.99 Red Bean Pastry Cake (sweet)

Vegetables, Mushrooms

$12.95 Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables

$14.95 Sweet and Peppery Oyster Mushrooms

$12.95 Spicy Green Beans

$14.95 Mixed Vegetables in Portuguese Sauce

$13.95 Bean Curd Rolls in Black Bean Sauce

$17.95 Assorted Fungi Stir-Fry with Fresh Asparagus

$16.95 Stir-Fry Lily Bulbs, Japanese Yam Rhizome and Vegetables

$12.95 Japanese Yam Rhizome with Peppery Salt

$16.95 Stewed Taro and Pumpkin in Coconut Milk

$14.95 Mixed Vegetables and Tomato in Curry Sauce

$12.95 Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables

$16.95 Spicy Vegetables Mushroom Seafood

$14.95 Bean Curd Pouch, Broccoli and Mushrooms

$16.95 Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables and Mushrooms with Olive Oil

$16.95 Soya Chicken, Tofu, Eggplant in Spicy Brown Sauce

Deluxe Vegetable Dishes

$16.95 Sweet and Sour Pork

$16.95 Soya Beef with Vegetables in Black Pepper Sauce

$16.95 Fried Chicken Piece in Kung-Po Sauce

$16.95 Fried Vegetables and Pork Piece in Shanghai Style

$16.95 Pan Fried Soya Chicken Patty with Orange Sauce

$16.95 Soya Chicken in Black Pepper and Rock Sugar Sauce

$16.95 Vegetables with Soya Mutton in Curry Sauce

$16.95 Soya Chicken in Sweet and Sour Sauce

$16.95 Soya Fish in Sweet Corn Sauce


$12.95 Fried Rice with Olive, Pine Seed and Taro

$12.95 Fried Rice in Fukien Style

$12.95 Fried Rice with Ham

sm $1.75 / lg $2.75 White/Brown Rice (bowl)

$12.95 Fried Rice with our Special Chili Sauce

$12.95 Fried Rice with Soy Chicken in Thai

$14.50 Seafood, Pumpkin and Rice baked with Vegan Cheese

$14.50 Ham/Taro Rice baked in Coconut Milk


$13.50 Stir-Fried Udon Soy Beef Strips

$13.50 Stir-Fried Udon with Kelp in Black Pepper Sauce

$13.95 Stir-Fried Buckwheat Soba with Spare Ribs

$13.95 Stir-Fried Buckwheat Soba with Mixed Vegetables

$10.95 Soup Noodle with Vegetable and Dumplings

$13.50 Vermicelli in Singapore Style

$13.50 Vermicelli Stewed with Eggplants in Spicy Brown Sauce

$13.95 Flat Rice Noodle with Beef Strips

$13.50 Stir-Fried Noodles in Shanghai Style

$13.50 Stir-Fried Ramen with Soy Ham

$13.50 Stir-Fried Noodles in Indian Style

$13.95 Fried Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables

$10.95 Ramen in Soup of Coconut Milk and Curry Paste

$10.95 Soup Noodle with Vegetable and Golden Mushroom

$10.95 Soup Udon with Tomatoes and Assorted Mushrooms

$10.95 Hot and Sour Soup Rice Noodle

$13.50 Chow Mein with Assorted Mushrooms in Soy Sauce

$13.50 Vermicelli in Tahi Style

Specialties in Rice with Vegan Cheese

$14.95 Rice with Vegan Cheese, Bell Peppers, Soy Pork Patty and Cooking Wine

$14.95 Rice with Vegan Cheese, Assorted Mushrooms, Soy Chicken and Cooking Wine

$14.95 Rice with Vegan Cheese, Green Beans, Soy Spare Ribs and Cooking Wine